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Company News Updates

First Sunergy LLC, Houston, USA and Chinaland Solar of China and NSB of Houston are helping Nigeria to establish her frist 50MW capacity solar module facotory in Ilorin, Nigeria. The CEO of First Sunergy LLC of USA has taken the CEO position of RanaPower Inc., an Ilorin based Nierian energy company, which will be making solar modules in early 2015. The total investmnet to RanaPower is about 20 million USD.

First Sunergy LLC and Chinaland Solar of China had recently (Oct, 2013) acquired a US based solar module Manufacturer Helios Solarworks of Milwaukee, WI, USA and the new Helios Solarworks will have an annual capacity of making 100MW solar modules in USA.

We are pleased to announce that First Sunergy’s investors can now 100% finance solar projects that are ready to go but in short or lack of funding to proceed. If you are interested to know more please contact us.

First Sunergy LLC has just singed a MOU in January, 2011 with Hasan International to develop clean energy projects in Ghana, and to build clean energy manufacturing facilities in the Industrial Free Zone near SEKONDI in Ghana.

Dec. 2010, First Sunergy LLC singed a distributor MOU with the world leading solar panel
manufacture SAAE of China to distribute SAAE solar panels around the globe. More about SAAE